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Z210 10-20T - Z21015t - 20t Travelling pulley block


  • as a classic manually controlled crane for lifting and moving loads in the area of a crane track
  • particularly suitable for use everywhere the lifting device is not used intensively
  • for occasional use
  • as a service hoist for installation and maintenance work in technological facilities of all types
  • in areas without a power source
  • can also be used in environments with a risk of explosion (NEXP symbol)


  • simple construction, the trolley adapts easily to the width of the crane track
  • simple operation
  • minimum maintenance demands

Differs from lower loading capacities in that it is composed of two coupled trolleys and two pulley blocks.
The Z210/15t - 20t is manufactured with a basic lift height of 5m. Greater lift heights must be given in the order. The width of beam b can be modified to the customer’s wishes.

We only recommend it for traveling along profiles with a straight flange (" HEB" type profiles).
However the travel wheels of the traveling pulley block enable it to move also along profiles with a slanted flange.

Type Lifting capacity
Main dimensions (mm)
a d d1 D emin Lmin E
Z 210 15 1100 71 196 375 50 780 242-314
20 1320 80 237 428 62 720 259-327

Manual in Slovak can be found here,
Manual in English can be found here.

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Z210 10-20T - Z21015t - 20t Travelling pulley block

Z210/0,5t - 10t Travelling pulley block

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